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I have a package named IndProcess and in that package I have a class IndicatorProcess . In this class I have a sub-class ExcelInd so it looks like this IndProcess.IndicatorProcess.ExcelInd. I am trying to pass an ArrayList<'ExcelInd'> to the Scala template that I have . the code looks like this

@import IndProcess.IndicatorProcess.ExcelInd
@import helper._
@import java.util._
@(aaa:String,count:Int ,indList: List[IndicatorProcess.ExcelInd])

The error occurs as "value not found aaa" so even if I remove the aaa and just pass count still it gives me the same error.I think I am not able to import it properly. It is not able to recognize the type of List I am passing. the calling function looks like this (currently I am just sending an empty Arraylist to display)

public static Result indicatorBrowse(){     
return ok(indicatorUpload.render(0,new ArrayList<ExcelInd>()));}

Thanks :)

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The import statements should go after the template arguments. The template arguments must be the first line -- where it is now, it's being parsed as a tuple with type ascriptions.

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I have tried that combination. The error I am getting is "reference to IndicatorUpload is ambiguous it it imported twice in import views.html. and import controllers.." so i changed the page name but still the error is coming.. –  Inceptor361 Apr 4 at 7:42
If your page used to be called IndicatorUpload, and you have a controller with the same name, try doing a "clean" in the play console. –  Richard Close Apr 4 at 7:48

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