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I am using the new Google+ signin for authentication purpose on my mobile optimized website. The flow work fine when i am using the signin functionality on the desktop browser. On initiating the signin process, a popup is opened which does the authentication and returns the control back to the main HTML page once user is signed in.

The issue is happening when I open the website inside a mobile device browser. In this case, google opens the authentication in a new tab. Also, after authentication the tab is not closed and the control is not returned to the initial HTML page.

One alternative for this is that I use Google OPENID for this. But this is deprecated by google and I donot want to use this.

Any other suggestions or pointers for this would be helpful.

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Which browser are you seeing this behaviour in? And are you using the Javascript flow for sign in (platform.js / plusone.js?) –  Ian Barber Apr 7 '14 at 11:17

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