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Suppose you have a table A related to another table B by a one-to-many (hasMany) relation. Table B can have other hasMany relations and so on.

For instance, I am trying to do it in cakePhp, but I think it is a general SQL problem. Suppose that in every table there is a column, user_id.

There is a way to update all the columns user_id in all related table with one SQL construct? Or rather, which is the fastest way to do it? Now, I could not find a solution but doing it by iteration, and, obviously this is quite time-consuming and server-overloading.

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that's one of the reasons you use a surrogate key.... –  Mitch Wheat Apr 4 at 7:17
Can you explain what a surrogate key is? –  giuseppe Apr 4 at 7:20
Check this post stackoverflow.com/questions/14064522/… might be helpful to you –  Sadikhasan Apr 4 at 7:20
Actually, I am trying to make a method which does what I would, i.e. whithout form data... –  giuseppe Apr 4 at 7:23
"Can you explain what a surrogate key is?" - have you considered a search engine? –  Mitch Wheat Apr 4 at 7:26

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