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We have experienced that application does not produce correct call stack at some cases. We have call stack addresses but no symbol names and source line numbers.
I created test application which crashes and prints call stack in catch block. On Windows Server 2003 R2 it does not display symbols and line numbers.
SymGetLineFromAddr64 returns error 487 0x1E7 ERROR_INVALID_ADDRESS
SymFromAddr returns error code 87 0x57 ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER
Exe is 32 bit, built using VS2012u4. I copied dbghelp.dll from development computer to test server but no success (dll is in same folder as exe). I found different version at my workstation and I tried with few of them. It always fails.
The same exe produces correct output if tested on Windows Server 2008R2. There is no need to copy dbghelp.dll.


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