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I am trying to convert a list of columns (retrieved from the information schema) into an expression recognizable by PostgreSQL. See the illustration below:

columns:= {'column1','column2','column3'};

I should be able to change the code above into:

columns2:= {column1,column2,column3};

I need to do this in order for me to unpivot a horizontal table as shown below:

CREATE TABLE tbl1 AS SELECT id, unnest(columns) AS key, unnest(columns2) AS value
FROM tbl_orig;

Right now, because the elements are strings, I just end up with values that are column names and not the value itself.

 id| key |value |
  1|col1 | col1 |

Instead of

  id | key    |    value    |
   1 |  col1  | val_of_col1 |

I need this because I am trying to achieve the code below but with dynamically-retrieved columns:

 CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW vw_zcta_unpivot_ary
 , unnest(
  array['hu10', 'aland', 'pop10'
 , 'awater', 'intptlat', 'intptlong', 'aland_sqmi', 'awater_sqmi'] 
) AS key
, unnest(
array[hu10::text, aland::text, pop10::text
  , awater::text, intptlat::text, intptlong::text
  , aland_sqmi::text, awater_sqmi::text] 
) AS val
FROM zcta5;
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The title indicates this is inside a pl/pgsql function - is that correct? Have you looked at dynamic SQL? –  harmic Apr 4 '14 at 9:02
I suspect you want EXECUTE, but really can't follow your question. –  Craig Ringer Apr 5 '14 at 5:55

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I accomplished my need to have dynamic columns by the code found at pl/pgSQL: Loop through columns of RECORD.

I used it in the following way:

CREATE TABLE tbl2 AS SELECT study,unnest(columns) AS key, unnest_table('tbl_orig') AS value FROM tbl_orig;
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