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Heroku made all its apps upgrade to the latest version of bundler (0.9.4).

I followed all the instructions found on the README (including the upgrading instructions). But once I upgrade my application no longer runs. For example i get

NoMethodError (undefined method `acts_as_taggable_on' for #<Class:0x1b7f614>):

My Gemfile is as follows

source 'http://gemcutter.org'
source 'http://gems.github.com'

gem "rails", "2.3.5", :require => nil

gem 'will_paginate', '2.3.11'
gem 'jackdempsey-acts_as_commentable', :require => 'acts_as_commentable'
gem 'acts-as-taggable-on'

# Authorization
gem 'authlogic'
gem 'authlogic-oid', :require => 'authlogic_openid'
gem 'ruby-openid', :require => 'openid'

gem 'cancan'

gem 'gravtastic', '>= 2.1.0'

# Exception Notification
gem 'hoptoad_notifier'

# Search (Note ties us to Postgres)
gem 'texticle'

gem 'pg'

My boot.rb,preinitializer.rb are as instructed in this gist

Thanks for your help.

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Even working with heroku support, could not figure it out. I reverted back to the .gem file format and am back in business. I am not sure that bundler 0.9 plays nice with pre Rails 3 apps –  Jonathan Feb 18 '10 at 19:10

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Please don't ask me how this works, but I had the same exact issue with what seemed to be failing actionpack dependencies or paths or something.

I used all of the gist referred to by the bundler team: http://gist.github.com/302406

But I tweaked my config/boot.rb script to this:

class Rails::Boot
  def run

  def extend_environment
    Rails::Initializer.class_eval do
      old_load = instance_method(:load_gems)
      define_method(:load_gems) do
        Bundler.require :default, RAILS_ENV        

I dont know why my config variables were different, but for some reason they are. I'm sure someone who understands the internals a bit better than I do can explain it.

*For heroku you'll also have to have the postgres "pg" gem installed. This was another minor annoyance. Depending on how you install postgres, finding pg_config can be another headache. Let me know if you need help with this.

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