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I am now developing public transportation guide software. In Europe an US Google Map provides this but in Turkey it does not. I have database which contains all stations’ latitudes and longitudes, and other bus- line, station information. In my plan, firstly I will use graph theory (stations are vertexes; edge weights are distances among stations) and connect stations which are on the same bus-line; then find routes. After that I will demonstrate route on Google Map. I have accomplished the first step, connecting stations. However, after that I found a mistake in my plan which is shown in the figure. Person wants to go near A to K, the program should say

  1. Walk to station A
  2. Got on bus 8 at station A
  3. Got off bus 8 at station E
  4. Walk to station H
  5. Got on bus 970 at station H
  6. Got off bus 970 at station K

But, there is no connection between station E and H. So, graph algorithm cannot find a route from A to K. I should define a walk path between E and H. However this is only small demonstration of the city there are over 6500 station in the city. How can I solve this problem? I have an idea that add connections between stations with in 1km range; but I think that it is inefficient. Thanks.

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Maybe you could compare distances between the 2 lines stations and select the closest 2 stations by walking? The Distance Matrix Service could be of some help. –  MrUpsidown Apr 4 at 11:20
Thanks for your support, but it works only passenger use 2 buses. What if 2 lines does not intersect and third line or fourth lines needed? –  mcs111 Apr 4 at 12:01
What about google.com/intl/en/landing/transit ? It seems there are already a few lines in Turkey. –  MrUpsidown Apr 4 at 12:19
@MrUpsidown it only shows subway lines in Turkey. There is only one subway line in İzmir. –  mcs111 Apr 4 at 13:15
The point is that you can contribute to it... –  MrUpsidown Apr 4 at 13:33

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