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Let me explain my configuration before :

  • I have one serveur with one domaine name : domaine1.com
  • I have a second serveur with an other domaine name : domaine2.com
  • On domaine1.com, I create subdomaine like : sub1.domaine1.com, sub2.domaine1.com
  • Each subdomaine has a .htaccess that redirect to the domaine2.com

    this is an exemple of my .htaccess :

Options +FollowSymlinks

RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule ^admin$ /admin/ [R,L]

RewriteRule (.*) http://www.domaine2.com/myprogramme/$1?%{QUERY_STRING}&id=1 [P]

  • On the domaine www.domaine2.com, I have a proxy for domaine1.com that can let an access to my glassfish serveur with a proxy because there are in a different domaine

    This is an exemple of my Proxy :

ProxyRequests Off

< Proxy *>

Order deny, allow

Allow from all

< /Proxy>

SSLEngine On

ProxyPreserveHost On

ProxyPass /myglassfishapp/ https://ip_of_domaine2.com:8181/myglassfishapp/ressources/ retry=1 acquire=3000 timeout=600 keepalive=on

  • So now, sub1.domaine1.com can access to my domaine2.com:8181/myglassfishapp/ressources/ when he writes sub1.domaine1.com/myglassfishapp

Everything is workging fine.. But when I have some request that take more than one minute, I have a proxy error as you can see in the picture...

This it the picture error

My question is : Where is my mystake ? What I have done wrong ? Could you please help me :D

Thank you for your patience... :D

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Any one to help me ?? :D –  user1309858 Apr 7 at 14:12

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