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How to remove all C and C++ comments in vi?


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You can't. Parsing C and C++ comments is not something that regular expressions can do. It might work for simple cases, but you never know if the result leaves you with a corrupted source file. E.g. what happens to this:

 printf ("//\n");

The proper way is to use an external tool able to parse C. For example some compilers may have an option to strip comments.

Writing a comment stripper is also a basic exercise in lex and yacc programming.

See also this question: Remove comments from C/C++ code

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apart from what would your command do, you can use #,@... as separator for :s, if pattern contains / ... and your commands are not answers to this question. –  Kent Apr 4 at 9:30
What does this do to printf ("//\n");? –  Jens Apr 4 at 9:31
Jens... Yes... I agree that it will remove the // in printf statement too –  Hema Apr 4 at 9:46

With regular expressions, because of the complexity of C/C++ syntax, you will at best achieve a solution that is 90% correct. Better let the right tool (a compiler) do the job.

Fortunately, Vim integrates nicely with external tools. Based on this answer, you can do:

:%! gcc -fpreprocessed -dD -E "%" 2>/dev/null


  • requires gcc
  • it also slightly modifies the formatting (shrunk indent etc.)
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You can use a lexical analyzer like Flex directly applied to source codes. In its manual you can find "How can I match C-style comments?".

If you need an in-depth tutorial, you can find it here; under "Lexical Analysis" section you can find a pdf that introduce you to the tool and an archive with some practical examples, including "c99-comment-eater".

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