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Per the title, where is the source code for the native java.lang.math methods JDK 7?

Please don't point me to Where to find source code for java.lang native methods? this only answers for JDK 6.

Oracle no longer appears to provide source for native methods at all.

I looked in http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk7/hotspot/hotspot but there are thousands and thousands of files with no obvious relationship to the package structure of the Java core so I cannot see any way to find the java.lang.Math methods.

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Check out this question : stackoverflow.com/questions/825221/… –  Danstahr Apr 4 at 9:44
There is no native method in java.lang.Math. –  JB Nizet Apr 4 at 9:45
@JBNizet as they mostly call into java.lang.StrictMath which has lot's of native functions... –  TheConstructor Apr 4 at 9:50

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You can start the browsing from StrictMath.c

For example, asin (redefined as jasin) is in e_asin.c

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The Oracle-recommended reference implementation at OpenJDK has the native math methods in the following folder location:


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