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I know there are probably a lot of those questions already, but I looked through some of them, and i couldn't get a solution. I am currently working on a WYSIWYG editor, and I need to save when user does keyup.

I do not want it to update every change, but at max every two seconds. Could you tell me why this code is not working?

var updatetimer;
var body=$('#iframe').contents().find('body');
body.attr('contenteditable', true);
$(body).on('keyup', function() {
    updatetimer = setTimeout(function(){

It actually does work but fires savepagetext() every keyup. How to prevent this properly?

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Try replacing your body init by var body= $('body', $('#iframe')[0].contentWindow.document); (for IE, you will have to test contentDocument || contentWindow.document) –  f00bar Apr 4 at 9:53
clearTimeout is a function of window. Your have to call $('#iframe')[0].clearTimeout(updatetimer) because the IFRAME is the window auf your timer –  drkunibar Apr 4 at 9:56
@drkunibar - you're right and you're wrong both at the same time... –  blue Apr 4 at 9:57
@Ivotje50 - make sure updatetimer is global, e.g. use it as window.updatetimer everywhere. In general I'd like to advice you to avoid using global variables, and find a better solution... –  blue Apr 4 at 10:01
Of cause - sorry. Use $('#iframe')[0].contentWindow.clearTimeout(updatetimer) –  drkunibar Apr 4 at 10:07

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I was able to solve it with this code, using the global window.setTimeout() object. Thanks for the advice!

var iframeBody = $('body', $('#iframe')[0].contentWindow.document);
iframeBody.attr('contenteditable', true);
$(iframeBody).on('keyup', function(event) {
    window.updatetimer = setTimeout(function(){
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