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I have two view pagers in a screen.One ViewPager uses JakeWharton' circleindicator and second one uses TabPage Indicator. I need to download the data from backend using Async call.Once the data is download i should be displaying the data in the viewpagers. Here is the Code snippet of my activity.

   ViewPager pager1;
ViewPager pager2;

public onCreate(){
     //I Set Up ContentView
     //Locate ViewPagers & Indicators
     //pager1 = ...
     //pager2= ...
     //Locate Indicators

private class CallAsyncTask extends AsynTask{
          //Download Data


private displayData(){
   // Set Up Adapters & Indicators for ViewPagers

when i execute this code, i get ViewPager Not Bound Exception. Is there a solution for it. I think a workaround is to setUpContentView inside onPostExecute() method of AsyncTask.But i also need to display progressBars till the data is downloaded. How can i achieve all of this.

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I just placed visibility: gone on the TabPageIndicator and when I get the data to display I change the visibility to visible

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did this work fr you? –  zee Apr 15 at 5:10
yes. the method that was throwing the exception was called onLayout or onMeasure. that's why I set the visibility: gone until I set up the adapter. –  schopy Apr 15 at 8:49

In my case what i found is that i am not setting the "ViewPager" to "TabPageIndicator". After setting


my issue is gone.

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