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LCDS Data Management via <mx:DataService> (only available with fds.swc from LCDS) can do pagination and data sync, but FlashBuilder 4 + Flex4 can do them as well! See the following Flex4 + FlashBuilder 4 tutorials:

How do these 2 data management features differ in LCDS vs FB4+Flex4 specifically? Are there anything LCDS Data Management can do that Flex4+FB4 Data Management can't?

Are these features in FB4 client-side data management?

  • Conflict resolution? LCDS has some conflict resolution support, does FB4 data management handles that?
  • Real time Grid updates? Is the grid automatically updated on all clients, when BlazeDS is used as the data provider / endpoint?


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I blogged about this exact topic :

To quickly answer your question :

LCDS can provide Conflict Resolution. Client-Side cannot. LCDS can provide real-time grid updates, Client-side cannot.

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Supported in LCDS but not with the client-side data management in Flex 4 / FB4:

  • Notifications to other clients when changes are made on the server (optionally real-time in LCDS)
  • Conflict resolution
  • Lazy loading of associations
  • Model-driven development
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