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I also need to find out all the elements inside a div, and check for their visibility. How to do it?

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The first part of your question sounds like you want to find all the elements inside of a div. And then check for visibility.

To get all elements that are descendants of a div, use:

$('#myDiv *')

So to test each element, and act accordingly based on visibility:

$('#myDiv *').each(function() {
    if( $(this).is(':visible') ) {
        // code to run if visible
    } else {
        // code to run of not visible
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You can select them using the :visible and :hidden pseudo-elements. For example, selects all the visible descendants of a <div>.

$("div :visible")...

Of you can do a test using is(). For example:

if ($("#someId").is(":visible")) { ...
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Will return true or false

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Use the :hidden and :visible selectors.



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use the $(div :visible) selector to select all visible elements in the div. you may loook at http://api.jquery.com/visible-selector/ for more details.

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