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I'm trying to compile really large program in eclipse (inherited it). When attempting to build the project, I get an out of heap space exception, so I can't ever compile it completely.

Can I update the max amount of heap available to eclipse? This faq says I can put this in the ini file (or at least I'm interpreting it that way):


to give it more heap memory. Is this correct? I'm using 3.5, galileo. I don't see any -Xmx256m type parameters in my eclipse ini file to begin with, so not sure if this is correct.


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I wanted to provide this answer as I had to do this for my MAC and there is a great video link to help with this!!! brooksandrus.com/blog_assets/screencasts/eclipsejvmheap –  trumpetlicks Jun 7 '12 at 16:27

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Simply add -Xmx512m in the ini file on new line in the end.

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