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I'm having some difficulty writing a regular expression. My input will be a url, looking like this:

I wanted to capture (some-stuff-here), which is everything between the last forward slash, and the first # sign (or just the ending, if the # sign extra content does not exist. I thought this might do it:

([anything but a # character]*)

I'm not sure how to express the 2nd group ([anything but a # character]*).


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I am using java. – user246114 Feb 18 '10 at 3:46

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"Anything but" is called a negated character class, and, in your case, is spelled


Your regex would be[^#]+)
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For most re engines you probably want [^#] (the ^ negates a character class).

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depending on your language, you might want to use modules/libraries that can parse url nicely for you. eg in PHP, you can use parse_url

$url = "";
$parsed = parse_url($url);
print $parsed['path'];

with Python, urlparse() eg:

>>> import urlparse
>>> s="""
>>> urlparse.urlparse(s).path

IF you really want to do it by hand, first replace everything from "#" onwards, then replace everything from the start till "/"

$ echo "" | sed 's/#.*//;s|.*\/||'

Or using just plain splits on strings

$url = "";
$s = explode("#",$url,2);
$t = explode("/",$s[0]);
print end($t);
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won't the path() also include "farm/" ? I just want [important-stuff-here], thank you. – user246114 Feb 18 '10 at 3:48
that's easy to fix. explode/split on "/" and get the right item. I will let you do that yourself. – ghostdog74 Feb 18 '10 at 4:22

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