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There are products, sections and attributes.

Each attribute can have up to 5 or 6 options.

Example: Power

10 Volt
15 Volt
20 Volt

And there are about 10 products in total, each product has up to 17 attributes applied to it.

Example: Product 1

power - 10 volt
color - red, yellow
link - online, offline

How would you setup the tables? Im stumped. I was thinking of having a separate table for each attrubute, then a products table and sections table.

The products table would house foreign keys for the attributes that relate to it and sections. Does this make sense?

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Are the sections groups of related products? – awright18 Feb 18 '10 at 4:31
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This is quite common. You can have a base product table with some general attributes like...


Then you can extend the table for different product types. So you could have a table like




Then when needed you can join the extension tables to the core product table like this...

select p.ProductID, p.ProductName, p.Description, pa.Color, pa.Size, pa.Material
from Product p
join ProductApparel pa
on pa.ProductID = p.ProductID
where pa.Size = "XXL"

This way you can have a compact core product table used throughout your system. When you need to see the extra attributes you can easily join them to the core Product table.

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I was thinking of having a separate table for each attrubute,

Don't create a separate table for each attribute, this won't server your purpose.

Create separate tables for each of the products, sections and attributes and join them accordingly using PKs and FKs.

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Hmm that was my first thought. But I worry that the attributes table it going to get out on control – jrutter Feb 18 '10 at 4:28
@jrutter: no, it shouln't, you need to identify each attribute with corresponding FK of product in the same table and more than one record(attribute) could be inserted for a product. Thanks.... – Sarfraz Feb 18 '10 at 4:41

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