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I'm trying to get the fraction of the week from a dd/mm/yyyy. I start with a data frame the looks like


this is an example. in reality thousands of dates are brought is as csv file, hence the 'as.factor` to show how the data originates.

mydate<-as.Date(mydate,format="%d/%m/%Y") #[1] "2010-12-22" "2012-03-18" "2013-02-16"


Help says that %U should be week of the year as a decimal number

This gives [1] 51 12 6

What I am looking for is

50.71, 11.14, 6.57

I've tried setting the decimal=2 in various locations, and have tried as.POSIXct/as.POSIXlt in various locations and combinations in the script with no joy.

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Try this where mydate is of "Date" class:

> round((as.numeric(format(mydate, "%j")) - 1) / 7, 2)
[1] 50.71 11.14  6.57

Omit the round part if you want more than 2 digits.

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