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I was trying to get the number from a string. The number can be pure digits e.g. 12334 or can be separated with underscore 12_345

I was trying with the below code but was unable to get anything from it.

my $string = "this is a 141_153_923 number : $_123_456";          

if ($string =~ /\b\d*(?:\d+\_?\d+)*\d*\b/) {
    print "$&\n";

expected output is 141_153_923

I have also tried with string 141_153_923 and it it still not returning anything even with

$string =~ /\b\d\b/ 

on the string 141_153_923

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I hope you have the variable $_123_456 is declared in your Perl code. Otherwise you'll get an warning.

Now the regex. Try with this one:

if ($string =~ /\b(\d+(?:_\d+)*)\b/) {
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Try this regex: /((?:\d+\_?)+)/.

my $string = "this is a 141_153_923 number : \$_123_456";
my $num;
if  (($num) = $string =~ /((?:\d+\_?)+)/) {
  print "first: $num\n";

$string = "this is a 141153923 number : \$_123_456";
if  (($num) = $string =~ /((?:\d+\_?)+)/) {
  print "second: $num\n";


first: 141_153_923
second: 141153923
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