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I need to use an object among several functions on a Matlab S-Function. The object is used as a library and it is needed to set the conection with a server, get data from it in each loop and close it at the end of simulation. The use of the object its something like this:

ClassX ObjectX;

[Handle clientID]=ObjectX.setConnection(...);

 [result]=ObjectX.getPosition(Handle ClientID,...);
 [result]=ObjectX.getAngle(Handle ClientID,...);


Its not convinient to instance and close the comunication in every loop. So I whant to create the object and set the conection on "function setup(block)", update data on "function Update(block)" and close the conection on "function Terminate(block)" but to do this I need to share the "ObjectX" an "clientID" among the functions.

I hope you can help me.

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You can use a Singleton class, which is instantiated once and returns the same instance everytime you ask for it.

classdef (Sealed) SingleInstance < handle
   methods (Access = private)
      function obj = SingleInstance

   methods (Static)
      function singleObj = getInstance
         persistent localObj
         if isempty(localObj) || ~isvalid(localObj)
            localObj = SingleInstance;
         singleObj = localObj;

   method (Access = public)
       function setup(obj, block)
       function update(obj, block)
       function terminate(obj, block)

More information is available here

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Hi! thaks! My goal is to comunicate MAtlab with a robotic simulator (Vrep) the fabricant provides the class and entry system to work with it, since I hope I have not to modified it because I not shure how it works. This library was designed to be used in a .m or in a function but not in simulink or s-function. So i hope you can help me to use it without modification. – DdS Apr 4 '14 at 13:05
You should be able to use the Singleton class to wrap the class that does the communication without modifying the class itself. In the singleton constructor SingleInstance you would call ObjectX.setConnection to initialize the connection. The next time you call getInstance, you would just get a handle of the existing instance without re-initializing the connection. You should probably read more about the MATLAB class system to familiarize yourself with it. – Kavka Apr 4 '14 at 14:42

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