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I'm developing a robot click protection. Of course it is fare from perfect. It is juste an extra layer of security as the main protection involve server side log analysis.

Have you any ideas how I could use javascript to detect a fake click fired using javascript. And also, how could a user simulate a perfect, realistic and undetectable human click using javascript.


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Calculate the time between mousedown and mouseup, if too regular : bot. –  Florian F. Apr 4 at 13:03
Why would he use javascript for that? The browser cannot determine whether the system click even comes from a bot or the mouse. –  Bergi Apr 4 at 13:03
@FlorianF.: I'd assume even mousedown-mouseup triggered by a human are pretty regular for a single or double click. They might not be for drag&drop actions. Also, clicks triggered by taps on touchpads etc. have a constant timing as well. –  Bergi Apr 4 at 13:06
in javascript, a bot can easily just say: $("#selector").click(); and it will click stuff. Since deviation between users (humans) are too sporatic, you would want to check to see if mousedown and up are under something like 5ms or something rediculously fast. –  Fallenreaper Apr 4 at 13:06
@Fallenreaper: You could easily distinguish that by using e.isTrusted –  Bergi Apr 4 at 13:12

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