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I have a large scale project with many libraries All libraries are placed in /libs folder. I need to split them in multiple dex files regarding method count limit per each dex, otherwise i'm running into this error:

Error:Android Dex: [android-custom-class-loading-sample]   java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536

Here is a part of my build.xml

<!-- This is a modified version of "-dex" target taken from $SDK/tools/ant/main_rules.xml -->
    <!-- Converts this project's .class files into .dex files -->
    <target name="-dex" depends="-compile, -post-compile, -obfuscate"
        <if condition="${manifest.hasCode}">
                <!-- Create staging directories to store .class files to be converted to the -->
                <!-- default dex and the secondary dex. -->
                <mkdir dir="${out.classes.absolute.dir}.1"/>
                <mkdir dir="${out.classes.absolute.dir}.2"/>

                <!-- Primary dex to include everything but the concrete library implementation. -->
                <copy todir="${out.classes.absolute.dir}.1" >
                    <fileset dir="${out.classes.absolute.dir}" >
                        <exclude name="com/example/dex/lib/**" />
                <!-- Secondary dex to include the concrete library implementation. -->
                <copy todir="${out.classes.absolute.dir}.2" >
                    <fileset dir="${out.classes.absolute.dir}" >
                        <include name="com/example/dex/lib/**" />

                <!-- Compile .class files from the two stage directories to the apppropriate dex files. -->
                <dex-helper-mod input-dir="${out.classes.absolute.dir}.1"
                    output-dex-file="${out.absolute.dir}/${}" />
                <mkdir dir="${out.absolute.dir}/secondary_dex_dir" />
                <dex-helper-mod input-dir="${out.classes.absolute.dir}.2"
                    output-dex-file="${out.absolute.dir}/secondary_dex_dir/classes.dex" />
                <!-- Jar the secondary dex file so it can be consumed by the DexClassLoader. -->
                <!-- Package the output in the assets directory of the apk. -->
                <jar destfile="${asset.absolute.dir}/secondary_dex.jar"
                     basedir="${out.absolute.dir}/secondary_dex_dir" includes="classes.dex" />
                <echo>hasCode = false. Skipping...</echo>

How can i split the libraries correctly to get out of that error? Please share, if someone have experience with that.

Thanks a lot.

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Any suggestions? –  comprex Apr 4 '14 at 13:37
Looking for answers as well –  JMRboosties Jul 10 '14 at 20:04

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