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I recently checked out Biopython's Hidden Markov Model module (Bio.HMM). My first impression was very positive, as the usability seems good and the code looks clean and fast. However, for my project I need support for Silent States (Markov states that do not emit any values, e.g. Begin, End or Deletion states).

Sadly, there is no proper documentation of the HMM module yet, and I could not find any hint on whether and if yes, how Silent States can be used with Biopython. From looking at the code I could not find any hint to it, but maybe there is a simple workaround for it, or I am just to blind to see it.

So, has anyone of you guys and gals experience with Bio.HMM and can tell me if there is a way to create silent states?

thanks a lot in advance!

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Did you ask that in Biopython mailing list? You can also check the original code to see if it is possible to do it inside Biopython. –  Llopis Apr 28 '14 at 14:39

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I am not sure if this will suit your needs, but maybe you could work that around setting the emission score in a silent state to the minimum.

I have seen that you can set the emission score in the MarkovModelBuilder class method set_emission_score: http://biopython.org/DIST/docs/api/Bio.HMM.MarkovModel.MarkovModelBuilder-class.html

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