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I am following this little example in java, to test JRadius client. But I keep getting this error:

Exception in thread "main" net.sf.jradius.exception.UnknownAttributeException: Unknown attribute MS-CHAP-Challenge
at net.sf.jradius.packet.attribute.AttributeFactory.newAttribute(Unknown Source)
at net.sf.jradius.client.auth.MSCHAPv2Authenticator.processRequest(Unknown Source)
at net.sf.jradius.client.RadiusClient.authenticate(Unknown Source)
at lu.restena.zimbra.RestenaAuthenticator.main(RestenaAuthenticator.java:94)

I have added all jars already and imports too.

My code:

        InetAddress remoteInetAddress = InetAddress.getByName(RADIUSname);
        RadiusClient radiusClient;
        radiusClient = new RadiusClient(
                remoteInetAddress,   // InetAddress - Address of remote RADIUS Server
                sharedSecret); // String - Shared Secret for remote RADIUS Server
        AttributeList attributeList;
        attributeList = new AttributeList();
        attributeList.add(new Attr_UserName(username));
        RadiusAuthenticator auth = RadiusClient.getAuthProtocol("mschapv2");
        RadiusPacket request;
        request = new AccessRequest(radiusClient, attributeList);
        request.addAttribute(new Attr_UserPassword(password));
        RadiusPacket reply = radiusClient.authenticate((AccessRequest) request, auth, 5);

The error is on:

RadiusPacket reply = radiusClient.authenticate((AccessRequest) request, auth, 5);

Anyone has any idea why? (I am a newbie in JRadius) (MSCHAPv2Authenticator.java)

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Before using the JRadius library, a JRadius dictionary should be loaded as below.


Also, ensure you have added JRadius Dictionary (jradius-dictionary-.jar) to you class path.

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