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stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, parallax);

var speed:Number = 15;

function parallax(event:KeyboardEvent):void
    if(event.keyCode == Keyboard.RIGHT)
        foreground_mc.x -= speed;
        middleground_mc.x -= speed/2;
        fish_mc.scaleX = -0.4
    }else if (event.keyCode == Keyboard.LEFT)
        foreground_mc.x += speed;
        middleground_mc.x += speed/2;
        fish_mc.scaleX = 0.4;
    if(foreground_mc.x <= 0)

    foreground_mc.x = foreground_mc.x + foreground_mc.width/4;

    else if(foreground_mc.x >= foreground_mc.width/4)
    foreground_mc.x = foreground_mc.x - foreground_mc.width/4;
    if(middleground_mc.x <= 0)

    middleground_mc.x = middleground_mc.x + foreground_mc.width/4;

    else if(middleground_mc.x >= middleground_mc.width/4)
    middleground_mc.x = middleground_mc.x - middleground_mc.width/4;


import flash.events.Event;
import flash.utils.Timer;
import flash.events.TimerEvent;

var myTimer:Timer = new Timer(1000,60)
var time =60;
function timerHandle(e:TimerEvent){
function loop(e:Event){


var cowCounter = 1;
var depthLevel = 500;

dropTimer = setInterval(createCow,2000);

function createCow(){
    var curr_cow;
    curr_cow = attachMovie("prize_fish","cow"+cowCounter,depthLevel); 
    curr_cow._x = 40;
    curr_cow._y = Math.random()*100 +200
    curr_cow._yscale = curr_cow._xscale = 50; 
    curr_cow.speed = Math.random()*10+3; 
    cowCounter += 1;    
    depthLevel += 1;

    curr_cow.onEnterFrame = cowMove;
function cowMove(){
    this._x += this.speed;
    if(this._x >= 1000){

I get the errors:

Scene 1, Layer 'Actions', Frame 1, Line 92 1180: Call to a possibly undefined method removeMovieClip. Scene 1, Layer 'Actions', Frame 1, Line 77 1180: Call to a possibly undefined method attachMovie. Scene 1, Layer 'Actions', Frame 1, Line 73 1120: Access of undefined property dropTimer.

This was originally in AS2 so not sure how to change in AS3, can anyone help with the code that works?

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The attachMovie method is not part of AS3.
The AS3 alternative is to instantiate (create an instance of) a Class and then addChild that instance to the display list.

var curr_cow:PrizeFish = new PrizeFish();
addChildAt(curr_cow, depthLevel);

An additional difference in AS3 is that you will not, generally refer to dynamically created instances by their instance name (the stage-side property). You will generally pass new instances of a Class into a variable (or perhaps an Array, if you need a lot of them) and refer to them by that variable (or by variable[index] when using an Array).

To remove an instance from the display list:


If you want to remove an instance from memory, set it to null (AFTER removing it from the display list). If there are no other references to that object it will be eligible for 'garbage collection' (a process of 'cleaning up' unused memory that goes on in the background while your Flash game is running).

Lastly, for the above code to work, you will need to change the 'export for ActionScript' name of your prize fish to PrizeFish.
The problem with 'dropTimer' is that you don't appear to declare the variable before setting it. But setInterval is also not part of AS3. You should look into the Timer Class...

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