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Clicking the dialog title bar causes IE to scroll the page to the top of the dialog if the dialog is positioned partially off the page. But this also happens if a user clicks on the close button as well. This means the user has to click on the close button twice.

$('#divDialog').dialog({height:500, position:[10, 1000]});

I created a jsfiddle to demonstrate: http://jsfiddle.net/e9zAK/

Reposition the dialog until it is partially off the screen. Then try to click the close button. It will scroll the page to fit, but not actually close the dialog. This does not seem to happen in Firefox or Chrome.

Is there a way to override this functionality? I do not want to use position:fixed.

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More of IE's strangeness. It sends the mousedown event, but not the mouseup and thus not the click event. I don't know what causes this, but you can work around it by binding a listener to mousedown:

$('.ui-dialog-titlebar-close').mousedown(function() {

This looks like a somewhat nasty hack, but these seem to be the common approach when dealing with IE.

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Thanks for finding the root cause, but that didn't seem to prevent it. (jsfiddle.net/e9zAK/1). I'll keep digging around too. –  user1219358 Apr 4 at 14:38
You have it in the wrong order, in your fiddle. Put it after the call to .dialog(), or alternatively use event delegation: jsfiddle.net/blgt/e9zAK/2 –  blgt Apr 4 at 14:46

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