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I'm not sure what to do with regard to this matter, and I was hoping some of you could help.

So I have 3 arrays of projectiles, one that shoots positive on the Y-axis, one that's negative on the X-axis and one that shoots positive on the X-axis (basically, shooting in a T formation) and what I would like is to have two more sets of projectiles fire between those, so there would be 5 of them firing in the following directions: W SW S SE E

Does anyone have any ideas of how I could achieve this?

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What did you try? –  Nicholas Kyriakides Apr 4 at 14:42
Nothing thus far, I'm a bit stumped as to how to go about it and I've been brainstorming it. –  Andrew B Apr 4 at 14:50

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Assuming your projectiles are traveling at some velocity along the x and y axis, all you need to do is set the x and y velocity with the according cos/sin of the angle you want the projectile to travel at. Then you multiply by your speed at which you want them to travel.

Assuming you have your velocity variable

velocity.x = Math.cos( angleInRadians ) * speed;
velocity.y = Math.sin( angleInRadians ) * speed;

Then your projectile just increments across the axis in accordance to your new velocity:

projectile.x += velocity.x;
projectile.y += velocity.y;

For your specific implementation, your angles are going to be at increments of 45 degrees. So your angleInRadians would be 45 * Math.PI / 180

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I've never used anything like velocity.x, how exactly would I implement that? –  Andrew B Apr 4 at 15:12
Usually most people create their velocity variable as a Point in AS3. Then that really is about it, everything else is pretty straight forward, you move your object's x & y according to the velocity x and y. The only difference is when you want the object to move at an angle as posted in my answer. –  Bennett Yeates Apr 4 at 15:15
Yeah I can definitely see how this would be implemented, I've just never used velocity as a Point before. I'm currently a student working on this project on the side of schooling. Sometimes class work just doesn't cover everything. –  Andrew B Apr 4 at 15:17
Best way to learn is on your own anyway :) You're in the right place –  Bennett Yeates Apr 4 at 15:33

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