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I use RESTful service written in .NET to save some data into OpenStack-SWIFT blob storage. I understand from OpenStack help that large files are saved by chunks which should use naming convention such as :

"AAAAAA/0","AAAAAA/1","AAAAAA/2"... and the "MANIFEST FILE" which makes it look like one simple BLOB.

My question is about naming convention: Does if really have to be exact increasing Sequence and what are the limits to this convention, and if i can use as number starting position of data in the whole BLOB, or something independent noncontiguous counter which can skip numbers.

I would like to upload each chunk on different instance of my service and then i have problem to share that increasing Counter in sync.

I also understand that amazon-S3 storage is simmilar to SWIFT but what about naming convention in amazon-S3? Documentaion on http://aws.typepad.com/aws/2010/11/amazon-s3-multipart-upload.html say it have to bz contiguous part number from 1-10,000 so is there any solution how to upload it and say something like:

HEY THERE BLOB STORAGE. Here you have data from position 10-684 and give him a stream of 674 length.

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