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I'm creating some plugins for Eclipse, and I have selected as Target Platform another Eclipse installation, when I run the plugin it launch the Eclipse instance successfully but it always is opened on the Resources perspective, anyone knows how to specify the default for example Java EE perspective when launching another instance of Eclipse selected as target platform?

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You can set the default perspective in the plugin_customization.ini file in the target platform plugins/org.eclipse.sdk (or it might be plugins/org.eclipse.platform depending on your launch configuration). Add the line:

org.eclipse.ui/defaultPerspectiveId=perspective id
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Is possible that another file is overriding this configuration? Because I modified both files in org.eclipse.sdk and org.eclipse.platform to use the Java EE perspective (org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.ui), but still is opening the Resources perspective –  cesar_k13 Apr 4 at 18:32
I think once the workspace has been created the perspective is remembered you may need to clear the workspace or try a new one. –  greg-449 Apr 4 at 20:19
Thanks, it's working now :) –  cesar_k13 Apr 4 at 21:00

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