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So far i have tried following:

        odbccmd1 = new OdbcCommand("SELECT DISTINCT JCDISTRIBTUION FROM MST WHERE  JOB="+lbljob.text , odbccon);
    OdbcDataReader ddl = odbccmd1.ExecuteReader();
    DropDownList ddll = new DropDownList();
    ddll.DataSource = ddl;

or this

        using (OdbcDataReader CC1 = odbccmd1.ExecuteReader();
        ddlCostC.DataSource = CC1;

After many tries, i get following error:

Data conversion or data mapping error.

All im trying to achieve is, when i select something from dropdownlist and click on "Fetch" button, i would like it to go and fetch codes that are associated with that job and dump them into another dropdownlist.

But every time i have been getting that error. So i am not sure what i am doing wrong.

Appreciate it.

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try with single quotes for job, assume you have varchar column


without quotes you consider job as number type.


with Text of text box

 odbccmd1 = new OdbcCommand("SELECT DISTINCT JCDISTRIBTUION FROM MST WHERE  JOB='"+lbljob.Text +"'", odbccon);

above will work, but you better use parameters like below

 odbccmd1 = new OdbcCommand("SELECT DISTINCT JCDISTRIBTUION FROM MST WHERE  JOB=?", odbccon);
 odbccmd1.Parameters.AddWithValue("job", lbljob.Text);
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It works when i put job in query but when tell it to look at selected value of other dropdown it doesn't work. I tried writing selected value to label/textbox and use that in query but still returns with error Data conversion or data mapping error.. –  SB89 Apr 4 '14 at 18:57
@SB89 check my updated answer –  Damith Apr 5 '14 at 2:15
Last week spent way too much time figuring this out '"+lbljob.Text +"'", Thanks bunch. –  SB89 Apr 7 '14 at 13:24

I think you are missing lines similar to these:

ddll.DataTextField = "JCDISTRIBTUION ";
ddll.DataValueField = "JCDISTRIBTUION ";
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This works when i put static jobnumber under where statement. I am trying to search form other dropdownlist selected value. But i get Data conversion or data mapping error. I even tried writing the value to label and then using that but still get same error. Any idea why would this happen? –  SB89 Apr 4 '14 at 18:33

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