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I can't figure out why my regular expression is breaking.

I want it to match:



100000 (I know it doesn't match this, but I want it to)

preg_match("/^\$?(?!0.00)\d{1,3}(,\d{3})*(\.\d\d)?$/", $string);

So how can I make it match the last one too, and why am i getting this error? This regular expression works fine in my javascript check.


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You need to escape the backslash to make it literal, because it's escaping the dollar sign as part of PHP string syntax.

preg_match("/^\\\$?(?!0.00)\d{1,3}(,\d{3})*(\.\d\d)?$/", $string);

or use single quotes rather than double quotes:

preg_match('/^\$?(?!0.00)\d{1,3}(,\d{3})*(\.\d\d)?$/', $string);

To allow numbers without commas, you can use alternation:

preg_match('/^\$?(?!0.00)(\d{1,3}(,\d{3})*|\d+)(\.\d\d)?$/', $string);
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I tried that, it says: Undefined offset: 0 –  Dylan Cross Apr 4 at 17:12
I don't get any error when I try them. –  Barmar Apr 4 at 17:16

Add two slashes

preg_match("/^\\\$?(?!0.00)\d{1,3}(,\d{3})*(\.\d\d)?$/", $string,$matches);

The code

preg_match("/^\\\$?(?!0.00)\d{1,3}(,\d{3})*(\.\d\d)?$/", $string,$matches);


    [0] => $100,000
    [1] => ,000

Update: If you want to match the numbers like 1, 1000, etc Then use below one, and notice the change:

preg_match("/^\\\$?(?!0.00)\d{1,3}(\,?\d{3})*(\.\d\d)?$/", $string,$matches);
                                     ^ here making the comma optional
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Thanks, but now it says: "Undefined offset: 0" –  Dylan Cross Apr 4 at 17:10
Why does the error occur? Why does adding an escaped slash work? –  cale_b Apr 4 at 17:10
Can you post your string ? –  Shankar Damodaran Apr 4 at 17:10
@ShankarDamodaran I think two \` will be fine. But still you guys know better php` then me. –  Sabuj Hassan Apr 4 at 17:11
@SabujHassan, Am not that good at regex :) just learning . Please feel free to edit my answer. –  Shankar Damodaran Apr 4 at 17:13

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