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We are using Jenkins to build (maven) & deploy artifacts (JARs & *WAR*s) to an in-house artifactory server (both snapshots and releases).

For deployment, currently, we got Jenkins jobs that package the war file (from a release scm tag) and deploy to different environments/servers. We want to skip the package phase as it seems unnecessary to package it again & again for a released version because it's not possible to get a different copy of war file even after trying 1000 times.

We are looking for a way in Jenkins to get the artifact (war) from Artifactory and deploy it to a container. I am sure other people would have faced this situation too but I am not able to find any online material regarding this.

Is there any Jenkins plugin that takes a war file from Artifactory (based on a version) and deploy it to a remote container?

If this is not the right way of doing it then what are the recommendations for any other approach?


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found something useful: stackoverflow.com/a/7785290/1844874, will give it a try –  Ranko Apr 10 '14 at 12:18

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Every artifact stored in Artifactory will have a unique URL that includes the version number. It will take the format




(depending on how you do your packaging, the WAR file name may include the version number as well).

So your deployment job can construct the Artifactory URL and download the file. Depending on how you have security set up in Artifactory, you may need to authenticate the request.

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Yeah, I got that. My question here is how do I make a deployment job in jenkins that download the war file from a URL? –  Ranko Apr 10 '14 at 11:09
You don't say what web container you're using; Maven has a built in Tomcat deployment, see mkyong.com/maven/how-to-deploy-maven-based-war-file-to-tomcat Otherwise you can just write a shell build step in Jenkins to do the deployment steps. –  gareth_bowles Apr 10 '14 at 17:27
I am using Tomcat. Does maven-tomcat-plugin allow deploying a war that is stored on artifactory? Writing a shell script to download the war and deploy makes sense but I was just wondering if this is been already done in some jenkins or maven plugin that I am not aware of. –  Ranko Apr 11 '14 at 10:58
I'm not that familiar with the Maven plugin, but I think it will take the locally produced WAR file and deploy it from the build slave. You could still publish the WAR to Artifactory in a separate step if you want to, you just don't need to deploy it from Artifactory. –  gareth_bowles Apr 11 '14 at 20:21

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