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I'm trying to create my own Java3D shape and in this case I just want a 3D triangle. I've made it using a TriangleArray of 3 points and turning it into a Shape3D object and got it displaying, however it's only visible from one angle. When I rotate the view, so that the other side is facing the camera, it isn't visible.

I know this is probably something relatively simple but unfortunately I'm struggling to figure it out as I'd rather my shapes are viewable from all angles.

Thanks in advance.

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Figured it out!

     // Because we're about to spin this triangle, be sure to draw
    // backfaces.  If we don't, the back side of the triangle is invisible.
    Appearance ap = new Appearance();
    PolygonAttributes pa = new PolygonAttributes();

Resource: http://www.duling.us/kevin/Java3D/simple/TriSpin.html

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