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I'm new to Xcode and Objective-c. I have the latest Xcode version, but when I create a new IOS project, regardless of the version, the generated code does not use auto property synthesis or storyboards, although I found some tutorials that says that it should use them by default. How can I change this behavior?

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What template are you choosing to start a new project? –  rdelmar Apr 4 at 19:37
What do you mean does not use? When you create a new project, it asks if you want to use storyboards. If you do not check the checkbox, it won't use storyboards. Also, do you see in the code @synthesize? If not, then it is using auto synthesis. –  Leo Natan Apr 4 at 19:38
@LeoNatan, what version are you using? That checkbox isn't there any more in Xcode 5.1. You automatically get a storyboard based app unless you choose the empty template. –  rdelmar Apr 4 at 20:00
Hmm... I don't see those when I start a project from the empty template using Xcode 5.1. What objects are the three for? –  rdelmar Apr 4 at 20:09
Oh, ok, that's because you chose to use core data, I forgot about that one. They are there because they've overridden the getters for those properties (which are read only), so it's still necessary to use @synthesize in that circumstance. –  rdelmar Apr 4 at 20:21

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The easy way is to select a single view application from the list of template projects you are shown when you start a new project.

To do if from scratch you need to create a new storyboard and add the name of that storyboard to the Info Plist. See the screenshot.

enter image description here

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I guess that's what I'm going to do, but since I'm learning I'll have to create many new projects so it would have been helpful to have everything set up right by default. –  Jelly Apr 4 at 20:06
@Jelly, just don't start with the empty template. Use the single view, tabbed, page based, or master detail templates, depending on what you want. All of those will give you a storyboard with some default controllers. –  rdelmar Apr 4 at 20:08

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