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I have a flat svn repository which looks like:

├── file1.c
├── file2.c
├── file3.c

This repo has no branches, or tags and all I am trying to do is convert it to a git repository and maintain the commit history.

I have tried:

git svn clone --trunk=/ -A users.txt svn+ssh://user@svn.example.com/projects/my_repo dest_dir

Which I assumed would work, however, when I navigate into dest_dir and perform git svn fetch, it doesn't seem to fetch anything. Using git log yields:

fatal: bad default revision 'HEAD'

If I use svn checkout svn+ssh://user@svn.example.com/projects/my_repo it returns:

A    my_repo/file1.c
A    my_repo/file2.c
A    my_repo/file3.c
A    my_repo/README
Checked out revision 57.

So the repository is alive and accessible.

I have tried various tools including subgit which was giving me this error: svn: E170003: 'stat' not implemented and I think this is because the server hosting the repository is using an old version of subversion. I have no control over the server so cannot perform an update.

I have also tried using the svn2git, using the command

svn2git svn+ssh://user@svn.example.com/projects/my_repo --rootistrunk -authors users.txt --verbose

but this was giving me another error:

E: 'svn+ssh:/user@svn.example.com/projects/my_repo' is not a complete URL and a separate URL is not specified command failed

This stumped me, and I've no idea why it's not working. Basically I was wondering how I go about turning my svn repo into a git repo while maintaining the history. Hope someone can help me out, or point me in the right direction. Never realised it would be so difficult to transfer this simple repo to git!


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Are you sure the git svn clone didn't give an error? It should have worked. In addition, after git svn clone, if you go inside the directory and do git svn fetch, what happens? –  janos Apr 6 '14 at 7:35
Your SVN server is indeed rather old. Consider using svnsync utility to fetch all SVN revisions to your local machine and then try importing this local repository to Git. –  vadishev Apr 7 '14 at 13:00

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The problem is with svn2git's --rootistrunk argument. Instead of that, try this:

svn2git svn+ssh://user@svn.example.com/projects/my_repo --trunk / --notags --nobranches --authors users.txt --verbose
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