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This is a portion of a script that I'm trying to use with channels from core.async. Around half the time that I run it, it will stop without completing and moving on through the program; other times, it completes successfully.

I suspect that the issue is related to the way that I'm waiting (with (<!! commchan)) for a response from the async thread -- but how should I handle this instead?

(defn async-writer
  [chan num-buckets]
  (let [file-handles (get-filehandles num-buckets)]
    (ca/thread (loop []
                 (when-let [rec (<!! chan)]
                   (.write (file-handles (record->bucket rec num-buckets))
                           (str (rec :rows) \newline))

(defn process-data-files
  [data-directory num-buckets]
  (let [outchan (ca/chan)
        commchan (async-writer outchan num-buckets)]
      (doseq [f (data-files data-directory)]
        (let [rdr (registered-file clojure.java.io/reader f)]
          (doseq [r (do (println "Processing" (. f getName))
                        (file->records rdr))]
            (put! outchan r))
          (close-file rdr)))
      (close! outchan)
      (finally (<!! commchan)
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How many data-files are you processing? Your outchan is unbuffered and by default a maximum of 1024 pending puts is allowed. –  Leon Grapenthin Apr 4 '14 at 20:58
Hmm. I'm definitely processing enough that if the writer got behind there are 1024 puts that could back up. How do I prevent that? –  syrion Apr 4 '14 at 23:21

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For future reference, I used Igrapenthin's comment to solve the issue. I added a buffer to my channels and changed the asynchronous put! calls to >!! calls. This way, when the buffer is full, the main thread waits for the asynchronous writers.

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If you don't want to block the main-thread, use go and >! or another thread. Buffering shouldn't be necessary as you are only putting from one place. –  Leon Grapenthin Apr 5 '14 at 13:34

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