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I have an existing rails application to which i am adding a new controller to handle requests from a small facebook app (using the facebooker plugin) i am building.

In the facebook app's config i set the canvas callback url to

In a pure facebook application the url would leave off the /fb/ and the user would be directed to the app's home page. but since this is an existing application, i cannot do that.

Now in my routes.rb i have:

map.connect '/fb/like/:id', :controller => 'facebook_app', :action => "like"
map.connect '/fb/:category', :controller => 'facebook_app', :action => "index", :category => "default"

Ao when the user visits facebook makes a call to and that renders fine.

On that page i have links to the "like" action:

<%= link_to "like", :controller => "fb", :action => "like", :id => id %>

Only problem is these get rendered as:

When what i want is:

See how the /fb/ is causing me grief?

Is there a way around this? either some way in the routes definition to say that the /fb/ was only for incoming URLs? or some way in the url generator to omit the /fb/?

I found one workaround… if I add this route above the existing "like" route:

map.connect '/like/:id', :controller => 'facebook_app', :action => "like"

Then that first route is what's used by the link_to url generator and the correct URL gets generated:

Which when clicked causes facebook to make this request to my app:

Which is matched by the original "like" route.

I'd rather not have to do this for every action in my facebook controller though.

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Mike Mangino responded to this here:

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why isn't that working for me then? It looks like it's ignoring the :conditions => {:canvas => true} option so that it takes over / from map.home...lame – simianarmy May 21 '10 at 3:31

You could maybe try to set your callback_url to just In that action, you can then detect if the request comes from Facebook with request_comes_from_facebook? method and redirect it to your facebook controller if it`s the case.

Then your subsequent links would work.

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