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I have recently started using ruby to write tests for selenium but I would like a way for the tests to be exported into a results file.

For an example of what i mean. I was exporting the tests from the IDE to html and then running them using

java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.39.0.jar -htmlSuite *firefox http://google.com /path/to/suite.html /path/to/results.html

in the command line and it would run the suite.html and then post the results in results.html

Is this possible in Ruby?

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Looks like someone has already taken on the same challenge before. See this article how to export results when running selenium ruby webdriver scripts to output files from command prompt ruby window.

You may have to write up a rake file, but I believe it will be a good experience that will make you better acquainted with ruby and how to go about selenium testing with it.

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