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Given a list of objects defined as a name and linkid, if linkid is null I just want to show the name, if linkid has a value I want to wrap the name in an anchor tag and bind to a click event. So for example object A is:

objectA {
    name: "Object A"

I want to display on the page just as text, so I can use:


However, given objectB as:

objectB {
    name: "Object B",
    linkId: 3

I want the markup to be:

<a href="#" ng-click="clickEvent(objectB.linkId)">{{objectB.name}}</a>

How would I do this using angularjs?

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A very simple solution would be to use Angular's built-in directives:

<a ng-if="objectB.linkId" href ng-click="clickEvent(objectB.linkId)">{{ objectB.name }}</a>
<span ng-if="!objectB.linkId">{{ objectB.name }}</span>

This does create an extra span element when the object has no linkId, but is a simple solution.

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