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I am sure this might be a stretch but I'm very impressed with the flexibility that Active Model Serializers provide. I'd like to something like:

 def by_location_and_bin_number
    @items=MenuItem.where('bin_number=? and location_id=?', params[:bin_number], params[:location_id]).is_valid
    r[:count] = @tems.count
    r[:menu_items] = @items, serializer: ItemMicroSerializer # <- not working
    render json: r.to_json

but this doesn't work. Any idea on how to get this to work (or similar syntax)?

thx in advance

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Can you please elaborate the requirement and what didn't work? –  Manoj Monga Apr 4 '14 at 21:28
here's the error syntax error, unexpected tLABEL r[:menu_items] = @items, serializer: ItemMicroSerializer –  timpone Apr 4 '14 at 21:29
Can you please try r[:menu_items] = ActiveModel::ArraySerializer.new(@items, each_serializer: ItemMicroSerializer).to_json. I haven't worked with serializers gem yet so I am not sure. –  Manoj Monga Apr 4 '14 at 22:00
just a sec .... –  timpone Apr 4 '14 at 22:55
Ok. let me know if this works. –  Manoj Monga Apr 4 '14 at 22:59

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As you want to serialize the array @items, you can use the independent method as

r[:menu_items] = ActiveModel::ArraySerializer.new(@items, each_serializer: ItemMicroSerializer)

It will serialize the provided array of objects by serializing each object using ItemMicroSerializer.

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