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I have a git directory that is owned by a user that I cannot ssh as. I'm currently using sudo_user: user which is working but does not seem to be setting $HOME correctly. My user account has github in the ~/.ssh/known_hosts file but it is being added to my ~ssh_user/.ssh/known_hosts file (from the accept_hostkey=yes).


- hosts: myhost
  sudo_user: user
    - name: git
      git: repo=git@github.com:user/repo.git dest=/home/user/repo update=no accept_hostkey=yes

Is there something I need to do to tell ansible to use $HOME correctly?

I'm running on Solaris off of Joyent but I don't think that's directly applicable to this problem.

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sudo does some mangling with a bunch of environment variables, notably HOME. You can check this with :

sudo -u user | grep HOME

If you get /home/user, you're fine, but you probably get /home/ssh_user.

This is really something related to sudo, not to ansible.

To circumvent this, you can add in /etc/sudoers :

Defaults    always_set_home
Defaults    set_home

Try again sudo user | grep HOME, you should get proper result.

If not, check for a Defaults env_keep sudo directive. It can also play a role here. Hunt for Defaults env_keep += "HOME" in /etc/sudoers, and remove it (this directive asks sudo to preserve HOME from the user issuing sudo)

Good luck.

EDIT: These directives might also appear in /etc/sudoers.d/. I don't know about Solaris, so YMMV.

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We use some joyent smart os machines. I get around the problem by setting the environment like below. That will work for some application.

- name         : Test Envirinment
  hosts        : all
  gather_facts : no
    - name: echo host
      shell: echo $HOME
      sudo_user: someuser
           HOME: "/var/lib/dir"

or you can use the suggest solution by @leucos that would be a more permanent solution

Hope that helps cheers

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