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I have created two domain class. One for Class Role and the other one for Class User. I want to create select from a list of roles that will be displayed in user form package tachemanagement.secu

class Role {
String authority
static hasMany = [users: User]
static mapping = {
    cache true

static constraints = {
    authority blank: false, unique: true

package tachemanagement.secu

class User {
transient springSecurityService
static belongsTo = [rol:Role]

String username
String password
boolean enabled = true
boolean accountExpired
boolean accountLocked
boolean passwordExpired

static transients = ['springSecurityService']
static constraints = {
    username blank: false, unique: true
    password blank: false

static mapping = {
    password column: '`password`'

Set<Role> getAuthorities() {
    UserRole.findAllByUser(this).collect { it.role } as Set

def beforeInsert() {

def beforeUpdate() {
    if (isDirty('password')) {

protected void encodePassword() {
    password = springSecurityService.encodePassword(password)

In user view the code of selected_list

<div class="fieldcontain ${hasErrors(bean: userInstance, field: 'rol', 'error')} required">
<label for="Role"><font color="green">
    <g:message code="user.rol.label" default="rol" />
      <span class="required-indicator">*</span></font>
<g:select id="rol" name="rol.id" from="${tachemanagement.Role.list()}" optionKey="id" required="" value="${userInstance?.rol?.id}" class="many-to-one"/>

But, the code generate the following error:

    Error URI:/tachemanagement/user/createClass:java.lang.NullPointerExceptionMessage:Cannot get property 'Role' on null object
    Around line 464 of grails-app\views\user\create.gsp
    Around line 36 of grails-app\views\user\create.gsp
    33:             <fieldset class="buttons">34:                   <g:submitButton name="create" class="save" value="${message(code: 'default.button.create.label', default: 'Create')}" />35:             </fieldset>36:          </g:form>37:        </div>38:   </body>39:</html>
     Around line 31 of grails-app\views\user\create.gsp
    28:         </g:hasErrors>29:           <g:form action="save">30:               <fieldset class="form">31:                  <g:render template="form"/>32:              </fieldset>33:              <fieldset class="buttons">34:                   <g:submitButton name="create" class="save" value
    Around line 49 of grails-app\views\user\_form.gsp
46:     <g:message code="user.rol.label" default="rol" />47:          <span class="required-indicator">*</span></font>48:            </label>49:    <g:select id="rol" name="rol.id" from="${tachemanagement.Role.list()}" optionKey="id" required="" value="${userInstance?.rol?.id}" class="many-to-one"/>50: </div>51:52:<div class="fieldcontain ${hasErrors(bean: userInstance, field: 'passwordExpired'
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Shouldn't it be tachemanagement.secu.Role.list()? Notice you are missing the secu. –  grantmcconnaughey Apr 5 '14 at 0:08
that's good i forget it thank you –  user3499987 Apr 5 '14 at 0:13

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