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I would like to add a CSS class to a Bootstrap (3.x) tooltip, but it seems not working. So I would like to use Firebug to inspect the tooltip content. However, when I move my mouse to the Firebug area, the dynamically generated tooltip disappers.

How can I inspect a dynamically generated Bootstrap tooltip?

Here is the jsfiddle link:

Some Text 
<a href="#" data-toggle="tooltip" title="Tooltip goes here!">?</a>

$(function() { 
        'animation': true,
        'placement': 'top' 


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  1. Enable the Script panel
  2. Reload the page
  3. Inspect the <label> element containing Some Text?
  4. Right-click the element and choose Break On Child Addition or Removal from the context menu
  5. Move the mouse over the question mark => The script execution will stop and you'll see a hint showing you the tooltip element.

enter image description here

  1. Press the Step Over button (enter image description here) or press F10 once, so the element is added to the DOM
  2. Switch to the HTML panel

=> There you'll see the <div> containing the tooltip and you'll be able to check its styles.

enter image description here

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Millions of thank-you! – curious1 Apr 5 '14 at 23:31
Not working on this case:… Then hover on "Void Terror" colored in blue. How to inspect the image tooltip? – Coisox Jun 4 '15 at 8:08
For this case the steps are different. Within the HTML panel click the Break On Mutate button, then hover "Void Terror". The script execution will stop and Firebug switches to the Script panel with a notification at the top saying which element (in this case the tooltip element) was changed. Click the element and you'll get back to the HTML panel with the element selected there. – Sebastian Zartner Jun 4 '15 at 8:33

I was looking for How to inspect a JQuery tooltip in firebug

  1. Inspect the element in Firebug
  2. Select the "Event" tab to the right
  3. Disable the mouseoutevent.
  4. Now when the mouse is gone from the element, the tooltip stays. Can be inspected as any other element via FireBug.

Here is a small video:

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worked for me :). Thanks! – Raul Jun 22 at 21:56

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