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I'm using svg-android library to deal with SVG's in my app. Long story short, this lib generates a (Vectorial) PictureDrawable from a SVG.

Unfortunately, Android can't drawPicture() into a canvas using Hardware Acceleration, so to achieve acceleration I have to transform the Picture inside the PictureDrawable into a Bitmap.

The problem is, if the drawable host size changes after the bitmap has been created, I have to resample to the new resolution.

I have overriden:

protected void onBoundsChange(Rect bounds) {
    if (Conf.LOG_ON) Log.d(TAG, "OnBoundsChange "+bounds);

It works when I manually call setBounds, but when the drawable host size changes, onBoundsChange() is not automatically called (and I don't know if it should be).

So is there any way for the drawable to detect its host size has changed so:

  • I can trigger a manual call to setBounds() ?
  • onBoundsChange() is automatically called?
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