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I have a parent category (magazines) and under this I have some child category (like magazine1, magazine2, ...) I want that in category page for magazines display all of magazines child list and in magazine child page display magazines child posts group by tag.

Like below:

sitename.com\category\magazines    ==>

 - magazine1
 - magazine2

sitename.com\category\magazines\magazine1    ==>

tag1 posts: post1, post2, post3, ...

tag2 posts: post4, post5, post6, ...

sitename.com\category\magazines\magazine2    ==>

tag1 posts: post7, post8, post9, ...

tag2 posts: post10, post11, post12, ...

1.How to display child category instead of display post in more category (e.g. magazines)?

2.How to group by posts by tag in category page?

I try to use category.php file but I didn't succeed.

Please help me about this. thanks

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