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I have one notebook with some tabs in my form and in this tabs i have label-button for closing tab. I have code for this:

def new_tab(self,label): self.scrolled_window = gtk.ScrolledWindow()


  self.scrolled_window.set_policy(gtk.POLICY_AUTOMATIC, gtk.POLICY_AUTOMATIC)

  label = self.create_tab_label(label,self.editor_access)


  self.saving = False
  self.already_save.insert(0,self.get_n_pages() - 1) 

  return self.editor

def create_tab_label(self, title, tab_child): box = gtk.HBox() label = gtk.Label(title) closebtn = gtk.Button()

  image = gtk.Image()
  image.set_from_stock(gtk.STOCK_CLOSE, gtk.ICON_SIZE_MENU)


  box.pack_start(label, True, True)
  box.pack_end(closebtn, False, False)



  return box 

How can i get page_num of tab which I closed with this button?

Thank you.

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If your page widgets never change, you can just pass them to your close_tab callback as the user data:

# In create_tab_label
    closebtn.connect("clicked", self.close_tab, tab_child)

def close_tab(self, button, tab_child):
    # Do something with self.page_num(tab_child)

Update: The "page_num first argument must be gtk.Widget, not instacemethod" error you mentioned is because of this:

label = self.create_tab_label(label,self.editor_access)

It seems that you are passing a method as tab_widget. Note that you previously you ran editor_access to create the tab child widget:


You need to store this widget so you can pass it as tab_widget, i.e.:

editor_access = self.editor_access()

# ...

label = self.create_tab_label(label, editor_access)
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Johannes, thank you very much. You realy helped me! –  0xAX Feb 18 '10 at 10:52

# Do something with self.page_num(tab_child)

But page_num first argument must be gtk.Widget, not instacemethod

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See my edited answer. –  Johannes Sasongko Feb 18 '10 at 12:25

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