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I am trying to write a script to check the availability of the passed username and email address, using ExtJs or JQuery; and Coldfusion 9 as server language. I have written one script but it's not working as intented.

Thanks Vicente

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Post here you not working script, so people would be able to help. Or you asking to write one for you? – Artem Barger Feb 18 '10 at 10:21

Something like this:

<cfcomponent hint="services.userService">
    <cffunction name="checkUser" access="remote" returnformat="json" returntype="struct">
        <cfargument name="username">
        <cfargument name="email">

        <cfset var result = { 'usernameExists' = true, 'emailExists' = true }>
        <!--- TODO: Check if the UN and Password exist --->
        <cfreturn result>


    { username = theUsername, email = theEmail }, 
    function(json) {
        if (json.usernameExists) { ... }
        if (json.emailExists) { ... }
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Good answer, basically you want to pass the username to the server in the request, and the server can respond with "yes" or "no". – Jonathan Julian Feb 19 '10 at 19:13

This page has an easy example of checking username validity and availability along witha tutorial and explanation.


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