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We recently upgraded an Oracle APEX app from v4.1.1 to v4.2.2, which was all working all fine using Oracle APEX v4.1.1. The application that was upgraded consists of alot of page items over various pages where some page items are initially hidden via Dynamic Actions (DA) but just to understand, some of these pages have over 100 page items and others have over 200 page items.

Here lies the issue after migrating from v4.1 to v4.2 - I am now getting a "Item count exceeds 200 - LAYOUT.T_ITEM_EXCEEDS_MAX Error which really puzzles me as we had no issues within v4.1 of Oracle APEX.

I am really hoping there is a solution for this because if there is not there I think the only option will be to revert back to v4.1, which is not the solution I am after as we are trying to keep to the latest version of Oracle APEX.

I hope I don't start getting responses back asking why we have so many page items within a page - it all worked fine in v4.1 but we basically need to switch items off using DA and at this point in time and can't really afford breaking the form sections over numerous pages, unless somebody can suggest a fix that will still maintain the existing functionality of the Dynamic Actions with minimal effort and time.

Furthermore, is there any way we can increase this LAYOUT.T_ITEM_EXCEEDS_MAX limit somehow or am I locked in?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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