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I need to take a comma list from a string and turn each element into a <li> item.

So something like the red, blue, green can be passed into a handlebars helper and made into:

<li>red</li> <li>green</li> <li>blue</li>

I have tried


Em.Handlebars.helper('decomma', function(value, opts){
  var newArray = value.split(',');
  var html = [];

  $.each(newArray, function(prop, value){

 return html;


but that's just returning the html as a string.

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Tell us what have you tried so far (code) and what problems did you get with that attempt. –  Tanmay Patil Apr 5 at 9:03
Edited question to reflect what's been tried. –  user3500707 Apr 5 at 13:06

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As said in the Ember.js guide on writing Handlebars helpers, Handlebars is going to escape your HTML if you don't return a SafeString. Use this instead.

return new Handlebars.SafeString(html);

Also, just my two cents, you might be better off using a computed property. Something like this:

    value: 'red,blue,green',
    listItems: function() {
        return value.split(',');

Then, in your template:

    {{#each listItems}}
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