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I'm trying to match string contain non spacing marked for example :

var input = "jog ksm"
var string = "jَog kُsm";
var re = XRegExp('[\\p{M}\\p{L}]+',"ig");
var output = Word.match(re);

i know i had to use something like this: \p{L}\p{M}

but i don't know how i put it correctly in Regex so if i put in input variable: "jog ksm"

i want to find the output with marked char so i trying to improve the esaymarked plugin for highlight result search text supported Arabic text also but I'm facing the marked character issue i tried to split the the string and striped it form marked char its work but i faced another problem if i want to search for partial word or char not only word.

split method want work because i have to know exactly in what position the marked character is inside the word block and also i tried the match index value same issue its return the wrong position value in the original marked text

even tried the mapping characters but its only match char by char and it wont work with non spacing char so the only way i saw it is possible is to use the xregex library that support Unicode ..

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